TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Residential Entrance Exams Updates 2024

TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Entrance Exams Latest Updates 2024

The TSWREIS and TS Social Welfare CTs 2024 (TS Social Welfare Entrance Exams Info) would be conducted by TS Social Welfare Society each year to allow admission to 5th-to-degree Courses in its Residential Institutes. This page contains all information about the TS Social Welfare Entrance Tests.

TSWREIS has always been a school that provides the best education for the most needy children. It has also worked to instill a sense of adventure, scientific creativity, and leadership among students and teachers.

Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, (TSWREIS), has dedicated 35 years to putting the most vulnerable among the Scheduled castes in a prosperous orbit by providing quality education.

The society provides quality education from English medium to graduation for the most needy and marginalized children. It focuses on 21st-century core skills such as problem solving, collaboration, leadership, and communication. These noble strategies are beginning to coalesce into a clear plan. There is a tangible change in the world.

The following links provide the list of TSWREIS-CETs. The following links allow users to easily access the list of TS Social Welfare Entrance Tests

TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Residential Entrance Exams Updates:Notifications were issued for admissions to Class V through Degree under Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Society. The Social Welfare Society has 230 schools. TGCET will admit Class V students to these schools.

TSWREIS has 42 inter colleges for boys and 85 for girls. Common Entrance Test (TSWRJC CET) is administered by the Society for admission. TGUGCET will be used to admit students for the degree. Admissions to the degree are also made to TSWRCOE and Armored Preparatory Colleges.

TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Residential Entrance Exams Updates

Telangana schools social welfare gurukuls do more than just provide education. They also help students develop their whole self. Special schools and academies have been set up, and special facilities are provided to support all areas.

Students can develop their skills in the arts, music, police and military. These schools provide education for students and give parents confidence. Gurukuls in Telangana are an ideal model for the country. Gurukuls offer support to students in enhancing their talents.

Gurukul Vidyalaya, Gaulidoddy is home to the free IIT, JEE and NEET Coaching training center. Free training is available for IIT colleges, Engineering, Medicine, IIT colleges and NEET, CLAT, or CAT admissions. 26 colleges in the state, including Gaulidoddi have been transformed into Centers of Excellence. Many of these colleges are training for entrance examinations.

Yadadri created the Armed Forces Preparatory Women’s College (Bhubaneswar) to train young women who want to join the Army and Police. These women are trained to join the Defense Forces, including the Navy, Air Force and CRPF.

34 Vocational colleges: The Gurukul Society started 34 Vocational Schools to help people develop their skills. These include Pre-School Teacher Training and Electrical Technician Course. Making kits for children and organizing exhibitions.

TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Residential Entrance Exams Updates

Earth Schools: Gurukul schools introduced the concept of Earth Schools to help children get to know rural India. Field trips are offered to students from an early age in order to teach them about agriculture, horticulture, and conservation of the environment.

Coding Schools: An old saying was that those who don’t know letters are illiterate. The current slogan is that digitally illiterate people are those who do not know how to code and those who don’t know much about computers. Digital literacy is the future of coding. Many gurukuls have been converted to coding schools. These schools teach C ++, PHP and Python as well as HTML. Videogames are becoming more popular among children.

Sainik School Rukmapur – Karimnagar district Choppadandi Mandal established a school for military gurukul social welfare in Rukmapur. The school was established in 2018-19 on the model of the Sainik School. This school offers education from 5th grade to Inter and training for the National Defense Academy, Naval Academy, and Police jobs. They advocate education, discipline, exercise, and training starting at the elementary level.

School of Fine Arts: It is essential to practice and train in the arts. These students are often poor and unable to afford private training.

TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Residential Entrance Exams Updates

To teach’sarigama to such people, the School of Fine Arts in Hyderabad was founded at Malkajgiri. Teach Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam. Kuchipudi, Western music. Dance, melody tabla, keyboard, theatre, fine arts, and guitar. Curriculum based upon NCERT, Telugu University Curriculum. Music lessons and morning lessons are offered from 2-5 p.m.

Sports Academies: Children’s growth is possible through games. Gurukul Vidyalayas give game songs high priority. There are 23 state-run sports academies. They offer training in cricket and other sports, such as boxing, wrestling, boxing, judo or boxing, football, softball and volleyball, kabaddi chess, handball, and athletics. Many were selected to compete in national competitions, and received medals.

TSWREIS TS Social Welfare Residential Entrance Exams Latest Updates

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