National Fellowship OBC Students Online Apply 2024 at

National Fellowship OBC Students 2024 Online Apply at

National Fellowship for OBC Students 2024. The UGC has been working on the plan for National Fellowship (NF) for Other Backward Classes (OBC) in accordance with the trust and supported by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India, New Delhi. The scheme is open to those who are from the Other Backward Class (OBC) and who are seeking higher education, such as full-time and regular M.Phil. as well as Ph.D degree in Sciences Humanities and Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences along with Engineering & Technology.

National Fellowship OBC Students Online Apply 2024

There are 1,000 slots available to award fellowships each year in all topics that are eligible for consideration made via online submission from researchers belonging to the OBC category. It is possible to avail for 3percent reservation of slots that are considered for awards of fellowships to research scholars who are Persons with Disability (PwD) who belong to the OBC category.

Government of India had launched the Central Sector Scheme that is, National Fellowship for OBC Students in the fiscal year 2014-15, to enhance the chances for students from OBCs (OBCs) to pursue higher education and obtaining degrees like M.Phil. and Ph.D. The scheme is designed to provide financial aid to OBC students to obtain a quality higher education that can lead to degrees like M.Phil. or Ph.D. in universities, research institutes and other scientific institutions.

This will not only allow candidates to apply for positions as Lecturers in vacant positions at different universities and colleges but allow them to benefit from the expanding opportunities both at the national and international levels in the an economic revolution. Zielgruppe: Unemployed OBC candidates who completed their Post Graduate examination in concerned field and want to pursue research full-time with no JRF of UGC-NET or UGC CSIR NET.

National Fellowship for OBC StudentsNational Fellowship for OBC Students
Name of the Fellowship UGC Fellowship to BC Students 2024
Title UGC Fellowship to OBC Students 2024
Subject National Fellowship to OBC Students 2024
Category Fellowship
The number of OBC Fellowships: 1000 JRFs each year
NFOBC website
UGC Schemes Web Portal
Read the Guidelines UGC National Fellowship for OBC Students
UGC Fellowship to OBC Students

Goal: The scheme has been designed keeping in mind the social Other Backward Classes (OBC) applicants of the society . It also aims to give them the opportunity to pursue higher-level research and studies. The objective of this award is to provide fellowships in the form of financial assistance to unemployed students belonging to OBC to pursue higher studies leading to M.Phil and Ph.D degrees (full-time) in Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Engineering & Technology, in Indian Universities/Institutions/ Colleges approved under Section 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC Act. and in Non-Universities/Institutions.

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The scheme has been designed to offer 300 JRFs every year starting in 2014-15, and 300 senior research fellowships beginning in 2016 to 2017 for Other Backward Class (OBC) students. The number of applicants for JRF is increased by a factor of 1000 to 300 students per year to allow for advanced studies and research that leads to M.Phil./Ph.D. Degrees. Candidates must have passed by the following tests the following tests: i. The National Eligibility Exam ) (NET) – Junior Research Fellowship (NET-JRF) of UGC (for Humanities/Social Sciences) or II. UGC-Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (UGC-CSIR) NET-JRF Joint Test (for Science).

The scheme covers all universities/institutions recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and are implemented by the UGC itself on the pattern of the scheme of UGC Fellowship being awarded to research students pursuing M.Phil. and Ph.D. The slots are in addition to the amount of OBC students who are selected as per the standard reserve policy set by the Government to be eligible for UGC Fellowship.

Eligibility for Fellowship for OBC Students
The eligibility criteria are in line with the notices issued for UGC-NET as well as CSIR-UGC-NET exams. The other Backward Class (OBC) candidates qualifying for the award of NFOBC will be eligible to receive fellowship subject to finding placement in the University/IITs/Institutions.
The validity offered is three years on the date of the receipt of JRF Award letter. In the case of candidates who have already enrolled in M/Phil. /Ph.D. The date for the beginning of fellowship will be the date of the declaration of the result of NFOBC or the date of joining, whichever comes later.
Students in the other Backward Class (OBC) category who are to be eligible for the fellowship, will not be entitled to additional benefits or privileges from Central as well as State Government or any other entity similar to UGC providing similar benefits to prevent duplication and expand the coverage.
Only those who are working full time and regular M./Phil. /Ph.D. degree from a University or Research Institution will be qualified to be considered for the fellowship.
In the course of two years, should advancement of the research of the recipient is considered satisfactory, his or her period of tenure will be extended by another three years as a Senior Research Fellow (SRF). The research work is evaluated in accordance with the UGC standards. The duration of the being awarded to JRF and SRF must not exceed five years.
A minimum of 4 percent of all seats must be reserved for students with disabilities in the selection of applicants for the award or fellowships through the UGC. v. Employees of any University/College/Educational institution/Central/State/UT Government shall be excluded from availing the fellowship, even if they are on study leave or Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) to pursue M.Phil./Ph.D.
The number of slots available open for OBC Fellowship:
Slots available for NFOBC as part of the program is 1000 slots per year. From the available slots of 1000 under the scheme, 750 slots will be allocated to areas covered by the National Eligibility Test – Junior Research Fellowship (NET-JRF) of UGC and the remaining 250 UGC Council of Scientific and Industrial research (UGC-CSIR) Joint test NET-JRF (for science streams). These slots will be above and above OBC Students selected under the normal reservation policy of the Government.

National Fellowship OBC Students 2024 Online Apply at

Duration of OBC Fellowship
The tenure of the fellowship is for five years and will be effective from 1st April of the selection year or the actual date of joining under the fellowship in the University/College/Institute, whichever is later. Fellowships will be granted until the deadline for the submission of a Ph.D. Thesis or 5 years of tenure, whichever is earlier. The extension cannot be extended beyond the maximum time frame of five years and the fellow is no longer an UGC research fellow as of the expiration of the due date.

The duration of fellowship is initially two years as per the Scheme NF-OBC. Before expiry of this period, the work of the Fellow will be evaluated by a Committee of three members comprising of Head of the Department, Supervisor and one outside subject expert to be constituted by the concerned Department of the /University/Institution/College.

If the work of the researcher is deemed satisfactory, the tenure is extended for a time period of three years, under the enhanced emoluments provided by the National Senior Research Fellowship (NSRF). The upgradation of fellowship from JRF to SRF will have to made at the level of university/institution/college itself based on recommendation of the Three members committee report (Annexure-VI).

Then, any further enhancement of the fellowship of an the recipient may be reported to the designated Agency to take further action. The amount of work completed as well as the amount of time that is that is spent on fellowships or scholarships from other agencies than the UGC is not taken into consideration when considering the suggestions for enhancing the value of the fellowship. The fellowship could be terminated when the performance is not considered satisfactory or the applicant does not pass one of the exams relevant to Ph.D.

If the research conducted during the first two years are not evaluated as satisfactory, a second year is granted to the applicant for improvement. But, during this time the Fellow will be designated as a National Junior Research Fellow. In these instances, work will be re-evaluated in the third year of tenure. If improvements are found that the Fellow will be granted two additional years of the NSRF. So, the entire period for the fellowship (NJRF as well as NSRF) is five years without further extension. If, however, the terms are not satisfactory, the fellow can continue to receive the fellowship based according to JRF rates until the end of the time of their tenure.

Course Maximum Duration JRF SRF
M.Phil. 2 Years or the date when dissertation is submitted which ever is later. Null
Ph.D 5 years or the date of submission of dissertation or the date of submission, remaining 3 years
M.Phil. + Ph.D. 5 Years or the date of dissertation submission, or the earlier date, Resting 3 Years
The length of OBC Fellowship details
OBC Fellowship Amount
Other services, such as medical facilities, and leave that includes pregnancy leave will be administered by the rules of the UGC when it comes to their fellowship program. The rates of fellowship to JRF as well as SRF will be in line as the UGC fellowship, which is changed from time-to-time. Candidates will be eligible for the following aid in the form of financial aid. The current rates are as the following.

National Fellowship OBC Students 2024 Online Apply at

OBC Fellowship Amount
The Fellowship is to study Science Humanities and Social Science at Rs.31,000+ p.m. for the initial 2-year period (JRF)
A fellowship to study Engineering & Technology @ Rs.35,000per month. for the remainder of the tenure (SRF)
Contingency for Humanities & Social Sciences @ Rs.10,000/- p.a. for the initial two years
@ Rs.20,500/- p.a. for the remainder of the tenure
The contingency plan in Sciences, Engineering & Technology at Rs.12,000$ p.a. for the first two years
@ Rs.25,000/- p.a. for the remainder of the tenure
Help with Escorts/Reader Assistance (All subjects) for Rs.2,000per p.m. for visually and physically handicapped candidates
OBC Fellowship Amount Details
House Rent Allowance (HRA)
The house Rent Allowance (HRA) shall be based on the UGC model and is payable to students who were not offered accommodation in hostels. In case hostel accommodation offered by the University/institution is refused, the student will forfeit his claim of HRA, other facilities such as medical facilities, leave including maternity leave will be governed as per the guidelines of the UGC in case of their fellowship programme.

Selection Procedure for National Fellowship for OBCs (JRF)
UGC is the governing agency responsible for implementing the scheme.
The awarding to NFOBC award to the students of NFOBC will be determined by evaluating the merits of each UGC-NET JRF and CSIR-NET JRF examination , and it will be done two times in the course of the course of a year.
However the preference is given to students who have gained admission. If sufficient candidates are available, those who haven’t secured admission withe ll be considered according to excellence in the NET exam.
The merit lists could be prepared for these applicants, if it is requiInstitutionsalified candidates have to enroll in universities/institutions/colleges recognized under:
Under Section 2. (f) and 2 (f) of the UGC Act 1956. i.e. universities founded according to Central, Provincial or State Acts or any other recognized institution by UGC.
Grant-in-Aid-Deemed Universities as per Section 3 of UGC Act, i.e., institution for higher education that has been notified by the Central Government to be deemed University in concert with UGC.
Universities/Institution funded by State/ Central Government.
Institutions of National Important as announced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. (
Its decision by the UGC about the awarding of the fellowship is final , and no appeal can be made against it.
How can I fill out your OBC Fellowship Online Application 2024?
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued its National FellowshUGCn otificathe tion and applied for fellowships for a grant to OBC students as part of the National Fellowship for BC students (NFOBC) scheme. The inp the license can submit their applications online on the official site that is operated by UGC, Candidates are eligible for a total of 1000 slots for the OBC fellowship. OBC fellowship. To apply for the National Fellowship for OBC students should follow these easy steps.

Visit the Website
Candidates must go to the official website of the University Grants Commission (UGC), website in your device’s browser.

Simply click on the View All button
Once you reach the official website, click on the View All Button at Scholarship/Fellowships section on the home page.

Click on the See Detaiout ls Information button
After clicking on that link, e-Scholarship-Fellowship Award Registration Tracking System web page will appear. Then, under the “Fellowships” tab search for ‘National Fellowships for OBC students Click on “View more details.

Click on Apply Now Link
When you click on the link, the National Fellowship for OBC students web page will be displayed. On this website, you can click on “Apply Now.

Register Yourself
Once you click that link After clicking that link, a new registration page will open. You can register yourself by providing basic information.

Fill the Application Form
After completing the registration process, complete all of the required details and then fill in an application form.

Download the Application Form
Once you have completed an application on the form press”Submit. After that, the application form will be completed and saved to be used in the future.

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