LIC Premium Payment Online 2024 at Life Insurance Corporation portal licindia.In

LIC Premium Payment Online 2024 at Life Insurance Corporation portal licindia.In

Policy holders of Life Insurance Corporation India pays the LIC Premium Payment Online 2024 through pay top class on line offerings at https://licindia.In/ before the premium due date.

LIC is one in all the biggest coverage vendors in India, and its rules offer numerous benefits to policyholders. To make certain non-stop insurance, policyholders must pay their rates on time.

With the advancement of technology, Life Corporation of India has added LIC premium fee online facilities to make the process convenient for its policyholders.


LIC is one of the most dependable and green insurance businesses inside the us of a. It has round 25 crore customers. Since its status quo, the customers agree with the organisation, and it additionally has the biggest marketplace proportion a number of the insurance section.

LIC Premium Payment Online

Are you uninterested in ready in lengthy queues to pay your LIC rates? Are you worried approximately the safety of your bills at the same time as making them in individual or thru the mail?

Then it’s time to exchange to LIC Premium Payment Online, a fast, convenient, and steady manner to pay your LIC premiums from anywhere, whenever.

Under LIC rules, many clients experience admirable monetary coverage and keep to guide a pressure-unfastened life. The enterprise constantly explores new answers to offer better services to all of them.

Online services have already been made to be had to facilitate premium payments. LIC top rate on-line charge may be paid immediately online with out going to LIC workplaces. LIC website or LIC app are ways available for individuals who need to pay top rate online.

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LIC Online Premium Payment Details

LIC has been maintaining its high credibility and overall performance in the consumer offerings domain. The insurance company has been acknowledging the problems of its customers.

To avoid the penalties, it’s miles advocated to regularly pay the rates or avail of the distinct price advantages that the respective regulations offer.

However, the revival process beneath LIC is not a prolonged approach, and the customers can effects restore their lapsed coverage in a tech-abled and problem-unfastened manner.

Benefits of paying LIC top class on line

Paying LIC rates on line has numerous benefits over traditional strategies.

  • Convenience: Paying charges on line eliminates the want to visit an LIC branch or agent’s office physically.
  • Policyholders will pay charges from the comfort of their houses or offices, saving them time and effort.
  • Timeliness: Online price guarantees that rates are paid on time, and there aren’t any delays or lapses in coverage coverage.
  • Availability: Online top class charge is to be had 24/7, in contrast to LIC branches, that are open handiest for the duration of working hours.
  • Reduced paperwork: Online premium fee reduces paperwork, making the system less difficult and quicker.
  • Discounts and offers: LIC often presents reductions and offers to policyholders who pay charges online, making it a extra price-powerful choice.

Steps to LIC top rate Payment on Online

The corporation has acknowledged the issues an character is going through even as paying premium fees offline and brought a more person-pleasant and digital approach of making the LIC top rate bills. Paying LIC top class online is a simple procedure.

  • Policyholders must first check in on the LIC website by means of presenting their coverage range, date of birth, and different essential details.
  • Once registered, policyholders can log in to the LIC website the usage of their username and password.
  • After logging in, policyholders ought to pick out the coverage and top class quantity they wish to pay.
  • Policyholders can select from various charge options together with net banking, debit/credit playing cards, e-wallets, or UPI.
  • After deciding on the charge alternative, policyholders ought to input their charge information and complete the transaction.

LIC Premium Payment Online

LIC Premium Payment
LIC Premium Payment through Pay Direct Method (Without Login)
LIC Premium Payment through Customer Portal (With Login)

LIC Premium Payment

How to pay LIC Premium Payment 2024 on-line?

If an person fails to pay their due top rate expenses within the required timeline, which incorporates the grace length, the LIC coverage lapses. But the individual can easily pay their unpaid premium charges along with overdue fee expenses and may without problems revive the lapsed policy.

There are two techniques in which a LIC policyholder could make their past due premium payments in the on line system. The techniques are cited underneath, inclusive of steps to follow for making the bills:

(a) LIC Online Premium Payment Through Customer Portal (For Registered Users)

  • Visit the consumer portal of the coverage provider.
  • Then click on on “Registered User” present at the centre menu.
  • Fill in required credentials like user identity, password, and date of start to log in.
  • After logging in, go to “Self” or “Policies”.
  • Then click on on “Online Premium Payment”.
  • Then select the choice of “Renew/ Revival”.
  • Choose the mode of price.
  • Check the registered mail identity.
  • Download the fee receipt.

(b) LIC Online Premium Payment Through Customer Portal (For New Users)

Suppose an person is new in executing the web services and does no longer have an internet account inside the customer portal and wants to renew their policy online. In that case, the following steps can be useful:

  • Visit LIC’s customer portal from their reliable website.
  • Click on “New Users”
  • Fill within the required info like policy variety, date of start, registered mail identification and get in touch with no., and gender.
  • Click “Proceed”
  • After registration, click on on “Policies”.
  • It will show the popularity of the lapsed coverage
  • Then click on on “Online Payment”.
  • Select “Renewal/Revival”
  • Check the mail identification.
  • Print the price receipt.

(b) LIC Online Premium Payment Through Direct Payment (with out Registration)

Direct Payment: This technique does not require any on line registration to an account within the patron portal.

  • Visit the legitimate website of the Life Insurance Corporation of India.
  • Click on “Online Premium Payment” gift at the left-aspect menu of the house page.
  • Click “Pay Direct”
  • Select “Renewal Premium/Revival”
  • Select “Proceed”
  • Fill inside the required credentials like coverage quantity, date of start, registered mail and contact no.
  • Fill in the top class details.
  • Select the mode of payment.
  • Download and print the e-receipt.

LIC Payment alternatives available

Suppose an man or woman fails to pay the top class charges inside the given timeline or the grace duration, then the policy lapses. But an character can efficaciously repair the policy via paying the due charges along side minimum overdue price expenses.

The creation of the online approach has effectively increased the credibility of the services provided with the aid of the corporation. LIC offers numerous price alternatives for its policyholders.

  • Net banking: Policyholders can use internet banking facilities provided through their banks to pay charges on line.
  • Debit/credit playing cards: Policyholders can also use their debit or credit playing cards to pay rates on-line.
  • E-wallets: E-wallets inclusive of Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, and so on., also can be used for online premium fee.
  • UPI: Unified Payment Interface (UPI) is a price machine that lets in policyholders to pay premiums directly from their financial institution money owed.

Tips for safe and steady LIC on-line top class fee

Policyholders have to observe sure precautions to make sure safe and steady on-line top class fee.

  • Use a steady internet connection: Policyholders have to use a stable internet connection to avoid the chance of cyber fraud.
  • Verify the website: Policyholders need to make sure that they’re on the official LIC internet site and no longer a faux one.
  • Keep non-public records non-public: Policyholders ought to no longer share their non-public statistics consisting of passwords, bank account info, etc., with every body.
  • Check price information: Policyholders must double-check price details including the top rate amount, coverage quantity, and many others., earlier than making the charge.
  • Keep a report: Policyholders have to keep a report in their on line top rate payments for destiny reference.

Common problems confronted all through LIC online premium charge

While on line top rate fee is handy, policyholders can also face a few commonplace issues.

  • Technical troubles: Technical issues such as sluggish net speed, internet site downtime, and so forth., can purpose inconvenience at some point of on-line top class payment.
  • Payment failure: Payment failure may additionally occur because of numerous reasons such as wrong information entered, inadequate balance, and many others.
  • Refund troubles: Refund troubles can also stand up in case of charge failure or incorrect quantity debited.

Advantages of choosing on-line top class charge over conventional techniques

Choosing online top class charge over conventional strategies has numerous benefits.

  • Convenience: Online premium payment removes the need to visit an LIC branch or agent’s workplace, making the manner extra handy.
  • Timeliness: Online top rate price ensures that charges are paid on time, and there are no delays or lapses in coverage insurance.
  • Cost-effective: Online premium charge regularly offers discounts and gives to policyholders, making it a extra fee-powerful alternative.
  • Reduced paperwork: Online top rate fee reduces paperwork, making the system less difficult and quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it secure to pay LIC premium on line?

Yes, paying LIC top rate on-line is secure and secure. However, policyholders ought to observe positive precautions consisting of the use of a secure internet connection, verifying the internet site, and retaining non-public records private.

What payment alternatives are available for online top rate charge?

LIC offers diverse fee options including net banking, debit/credit score cards, e-wallets, and UPI.

What must I do in case of payment failure or refund troubles?

Policyholders must touch LIC client take care of help in case of payment failure or refund issues.

What are the blessings of paying LIC top rate online?

Paying LIC premium online offers numerous benefits inclusive of comfort, timeliness, availability, reduced office work, and reductions and offers.

Can I pay LIC top rate on-line with out registering on the LIC website?

Yes, policy holders will pay LIC top rate on-line with out registering on the LIC internet site.


Online top rate fee is a convenient and price-effective choice for LIC policyholders. By following the necessary precautions, policyholders can ensure safe and secure on line top rate payment.

The system is easy and easy to comply with, and policyholders can choose from numerous fee options. Choosing online premium fee over traditional strategies has several advantages, and policyholders can enjoy uninterrupted coverage coverage by paying rates on time.

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