Complete Details Of Victoria Memorial Kolkata

Complete Details Of Victoria Memorial Kolkata


The Victoria Memorial is an iconic ancient monument placed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Built in memory of Queen Victoria, the monument stands as a symbol of the town’s colonial past and architectural grandeur.

Here is an in depth assessment of the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.



The idea of constructing the Victoria Memorial became conceived at some point of the early twentieth century, as a tribute to Queen Victoria, who passed away in 1901. Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India, took the initiative to construct this grand memorial in her honor. The basis stone became laid in 1906, and the development endured for 15 years, subsequently finishing in 1921.


The Victoria Memorial is a cute example of Indo-Saracenic revivalist structure, combining British and Mughal factors. Designed with the aid of Sir William Emerson, the memorial boasts an imposing white marble facade with a valuable dome that reaches a top of 184 ft. The shape is surrounded via lush inexperienced gardens, enhancing its visible appeal.

The memorial is embellished with severa sculptures and collectible collectible figurines that depict diverse elements of British rule in India. The valuable dome is crowned with the useful resource of a significant bronze statue of Angel of Victory, which provides to the monument’s regal attraction. The four entrances of the memorial are adorned with intricately designed bronze statues representing paintings, structure, justice, and charity.


The Victoria Memorial homes a museum that showcases a enormous collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the colonial generation. The museum is divided into specific galleries, each focusing on precise factors of India’s records and the British presence in the usa.

The Royal Gallery presentations pictures and paintings of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and different members of the royal own family. The National Leaders Gallery highlights the contributions of Indian leaders within the freedom war. Additionally, there are galleries committed to the colonial duration, showcasing historical artifacts, furnishings, and documents from that time.

Complete Details Of Victoria Memorial Kolkata


Gardens and Grounds:

The Victoria Memorial is set amidst sprawling gardens and nicely-maintained grounds. The exceedingly landscaped lawns and flower beds provide a serene and picturesque placing for web site site visitors. The gardens are a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, supplying a peaceful retreat inside the midst of the bustling city.

The memorial is surrounded via water bodies and fountains, including to the general aesthetics of the region. Visitors can revel in leisurely walks, picnics, and photography classes inside the nicely-maintained out of doors areas.

Light and Sound Show:

To decorate the vacationer enjoy, the Victoria Memorial conducts a spell binding light and sound display in the evenings. The show narrates the records of the monument and the activities leading as much as its construction, growing a captivating audio-visual spectacle towards the backdrop of the illuminated memorial.

Visitor Information:

The Victoria Memorial is open to visitors throughout the week, except for Mondays. The entry fee varies for Indian and foreign tourists, with additional charges for the museum and the light and sound display. Guided excursions are available for those interested by gaining deeper insights into the history and structure of the memorial.

In end

the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata isn’t always merely a ancient monument; it’s a testomony to the city’s rich history and a visible masterpiece that draws traffic from round the arena. With its grand structure, giant museum, lush gardens, and attractive exhibitions, the memorial stands as a dwelling tribute to the bygone technology of British colonial rule in India.

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